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TIZA SkinCare

Skincare that balances and rejuvenates.  ‚Äč

TIZA Skincare believes in balancing from the inside out.  Our skincare products are formulated to balance and rejuvenate. 

Our Blog

An ongoing series of blogs on topics such as nutritional health, women's health and skincare. 

To serum or not to serum?

November 21, 2016

Many clients underestimate the value of a serum, either because it's an extra step or because it's simply an extra product they're expected to purchase.  Who wants to buy another product they're simply not going to use because, well, it's complicated.  What I tell my clients is that an effective serum is essential to one's skin because a well formulated serum penetrates at a cellular level.  Creams don't do that!  Creams moisturize at a topical level and keep the skin looking good on the outside whereas serums work their magic on the inside. 

An ideal serum is chock-full of firming, repairing, detoxifying, rejuvenating, anti-aging and revitalizing components.  That's asking a lot from one product, but as a consumer you should be asking for all that goodness.  Serums can be pricey too, all the more reason to be picky when purchasing one.  Companies are attracting customers by making their packaging more and more enticing.  Remember it's not the packaging that's going to give you tight and luminous skin, it's what's inside that's going to make the difference. Make a list of what you want from a serum, such as line plumping, even skin tone, collagen, peptides, anti-oxidants, free radicals, vitamins, minerals, algae etc.  If one serum doesn't give you all that, well then you don't need it.  In all honesty a serum should be where you spend your money but it should also live up to it's price.  So don't skip the serum, just be more demanding when purchasing one.  A serum makes all the difference. 

 -Amina Rajput Founder, TIZA Skincare

At what age should one begin taking care of their skin?

October 23, 2016

As a mom of two daughters I often wondered when I should begin talking to them about caring for their skin.  I didn't begin caring for my skin until I was in my late 20's!  I paid the price of having large/clogged pores and sun damage.  Sunscreen is something I have been diligently using since they were 6 months old, but I'm talking about hydration, and brightness.  When consulting dermatologist or their pediatricians I received various answers, so I felt I should decide when my girls take control of their skin.  The answer I came up with is now!  It's never too early to care for ones skin as long as its natural products.  My 5 year olds skin I keep very simple, I use homemade shea butter and mango butter balm for her skin and use TIZA Skincare's Soothing  Bath Soak for their bath time.  My ten year old I use an all natural toner, it's pure and intensely hydrating, again from TIZA Skincare.  For their bodies I use TIZA Skincare's Healing Body Oil with Frankincense.  One can't go wrong with organic essential oils.  While every parent has a different time frame as to when they feel their children should care for their skin, I have begun using products other than baby or kids products on my long as they're all natural ingredients. 

-Amina Rajput Founder, TIZA Skincare

Beauty Foods

November 26, 2016

Beauty Foods are all the rage and you're probably going to read about them in every magazine you pick up.  Most people will read about it and never incorporate those healthy foods into your lifestyle, but that's a big mistake.  Beauty Foods are healthy foods that directly effect your skin and it's texture.  If your diet is poor and lacking in essential nutrients, then it will show with the way your skin looks.  Your skin will look dull, lack moisture, and increase sebum production, causing acne. 

Some foods to incorporate into your diet are:

1. Fermented Foods like kimchi, sauerkraut and certain pickled veggies.  Fermented foods heal the gut, liver and blood.

2.  Dark green leafy vegetables:  Kale, Baby Spinach, and Romaine Lettuce offer Vitamin A.

3. Colorful fruits such as blueberries, pomegranates, and blackberries, full of polyphenols these colorful fruits detoxify and clear your body of free radicals.

4. Omega's:  Walnuts, almonds and avocado's are heart healthy and offer healthy fats for firmer skin and shinier, stronger hair.

Eating well has multiple benefits, so next time you're at the grocery store or a farmers market, think twice about what you are putting into your body.  Make your purchase count towards a healthier and more beautiful "you".


-Amina Rajput Founder, TIZA Skincare

The right exfoliant

January 14, 2017

Finding the correct exfoliant or how to use it can be daunting.  Most of my clients discuss with me their frustrations of using the wrong exfoliant and it's disastrous results.  Exfoliation is important and I recommend it to all my clients, but the correct exfoliation process is crucial.  First and foremost determine your skin type.  Is it irritated easily, is it sensitive, etc.  Then determine what you're hoping to achieve, i.e. smaller pores, smoother skin, even skin tone, brighter complexion, etc.  Now depending on what you want your exfoliation process to accomplish determines the type of exfoliant you should use.  Sensitive skin should avoid harsh chemicals such as glycolic, lactic, or fruit acids or abrasive textured exfoliation products.  Sensitive skin types are best suited to natural exfoliants such as clay masks,  ground oatmeal masks or scrubs etc.  I recommend our Matcha Tea Mud Mask for light exfoliation, the massaging action when washing off the mask actually works as a light exfoliant and the Matcha Tea calms sensitive skin.  For oily skin I recommend a light concentration of Glycolic, Fruit, or Lactic Acid masks but never harsh abrasives.  For normal skin I recommend starting with light exfoliating masks then moving up to Glycolic, fruit, or lactic acid exfoliation.  I never recommend harsh abrasives because they tear skin tissue and create sensitivity issues even with normal skin.   While exfoliation has it's benefits, the key is to use the right one because using the wrong exfoliation process can be highly damaging.   


-Amina Rajput Founder, TIZA Skincare

Gel or Cream?

February 18, 2017

Should I use a Gel Moisturizer or a Cream Moisturizer?  Like most of my clients I also was faced with such a confusing question when I was venturing into skincare.  It's quite simple really, if you know your skin, that is.  So here's a simple break down to what is ideal for your skin type. 

Gel based moisturizers are typically oil-free, I say typically because that's not always the case.  This is where it is important to know what you are purchasing and using on your skin.  Also, Gel based moisturizers can have irritating botanicals in them, that's bad news for sensitive skin types.  Now most people with sensitive skin opt for oil-free moisturizers thinking that the oil is causing the irritation, and that's a common misconception.  Now to move onto Oil based moisturizers, these are the commonly sold moisturizers in the skincare market.  Again, just as with the Gel based moisturizer you have to know what the ingredients are and what your skin needs or requires. 

So, first ask yourself, what is my skin type.  Then if you are sensitive you should stay away from botanicals and go with products with Arnica Extract, Cucumber Extract.  Sensitive skin needs balance.

Have oily, acne/prone skin, then a lightweight oil based moisturizer or an Oil free moisturizer is best.  Do not over dry your skin, it will only cause more acne.  Remember acne prone skin needs balance too.

Have mature and dry skin, well that's a no brainer, you need a rich oil based moisturizer.  Remember you can always send us an email for a free consultation.  Enjoy

-Amina Rajput Founder, TIZA Skincare

Why is your Face Oil drying your skin?

April 24, 2017

Clients come to me quite often complaining that our face oil or another brands face oil is drying their skin, and they're right, it is.  However, there's a reason behind their face oils not moisturizing their skin, face oils are not humectants.  For a face oil to hydrate the skin it needs water (humectant).  Typically a face cream or even something simple as a face mist or toner will do.  Applying a face cream or toner prior to face oil application will ensure that the face oil does it's job, to trap moisture into the skin.  Without a humectant the oil can't trap any moisture, therefore cannot hydrate the skin.  

Ever wonder why dermatologist always recommend that you apply a body oil after a shower?  Same concept here, the body has moisture on it after a shower therefore the body oil then in conjunction with the humectant keeps your body hydrated longer.  I suggest applying our Hydrating Face Mist w/Hyaluronic acid after cleansing and then applying a few drops of our Azure or Clarifying Face Oil on top for all day hydration and natural glow. 

-Amina Rajput Founder, TIZA Skincare

Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium Hyaluronate

November 15, 2017

Hyaluronic Acid is a natural substance in the skin that has the capacity to hold vast amounts of moisture.  As we age, our skin loses the ability to preserve moisture, therefore we lose our firmness, and wrinkles appear.  Hyaluronic acid can replenish moisture that is crucial for supple, tight and brighter skin.   Sodium Hyaluronate is derived from Hyaluronic Acid but is easily absorbed, that doesn't mean it's better though.  It is best for both acids to be present in a cream, serum or toner so they work together to benefit all layers of the skin.  Our Intense Lifting Serum and Line Erasing Elixir incorporate both Acids along with Marine Algae, Silk Protein, Peptides, and other skin boosters.  Give your thirsty skin a dose of effective skincare from Tiza.  

-Amina Rajput Founder, TIZA Skincare

Bone broth recipe that will keep your skin and body feeling healthy!

December 7, 2017

I drink bone broth almost every day and as the cold season begins I make it my routine to make bone broth every week.  My kids drink it everyday as a snack or in a soup for fighting viruses and overall health.  It is full of collagen, which will keep your skin, hair, nails, and joints feeling great.  Below is my recipe but you can use beef bones if you prefer the taste of beef (the beef version will have a higher fat content so if you're watching your weight stick with chicken.

In a large stock pot add:

12  cups of water

1 medium onion sliced in two pieces

1 whole garlic bulb, sliced through to create two pieces

1 organic carrot, ends cut

2  organic stalks of celery, ends cut

2 inch ginger root, sliced through for two pieces

1 tsp. cumin seeds

2 tbsp. whole coriander seeds 

1 tsp. whole cloves

1 bay leaf

2 tbsp. whole black pepper

3 tbsp. sea salt (add more according to taste)

1 tsp. turmeric powder

5 organic chicken wings or drumsticks

Bring all ingredients to a  boil, cover reduce heat to a simmer and cook at least four hours, but if you can cook all day that's even better.  I usually cook my batch for 6-8 hours.    Bone broth will last 7 days if refrigerated, 6 months if frozen.  


-Amina Rajput Founder, TIZA Skincare

Does Pollution & Blue Light affect our skin?

October 12, 2018

Blue light is emitted from all of our devices, such as smart phones, tv's, computers and anything that used LED lighting.  Blue light absorption can decrease collagen and increase pigmentation which leads to uneven skin tone and dark spots.  Blue light along with other environmental pollutants that surround us leave a damaging impact on our skin and overall health.  You can protect your skin with a topical barrier such as Tiza Skincare's Urban Anti-Pollution Essence.  It is an ideal serum which besides creating a barrier from environmental hazards also lifts skin with hyaluronic acid, marigold extract, algae, and chamomile.  It is cruelty-free, paraben-free and full of skin soothing, protecting and nourishing benefits.  

-Amina Rajput Founder, TIZA Skincare